EV-TETRA-M2 ExoView Mouse Tetraspanin Kit (16 chips)

EV-TETRA-M2 ExoView Mouse Tetraspanin Kit (16 chips)

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  • Tested using cell culture media, plasma, serum, urine, CSF, salvia, and others. Purification is not required.

  • Sample volume: 35μL or 250μL

  • 1 Sample per chip, multiple samples can be incubated and measured in parallel

  • Kits supplied with reagents required for ExoView assay

  • Fluorescent antibodies (CD9/CD63/CD81) supplied to probe for biomarker colocalization on single EVs

Includes capture probes with technical replicates for

  • CD81
  • CD9
  • Isotype Controls

Lead time for kit delivery is 2-3 weeks.  Tracking information will be sent when the shipment has been created.

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